Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you rent?

For the skier, we have boots, poles, and shaped skis ranging in length from 80 cm. to 178 cm. For the snowboarder, we have boots and boards ranging in length from 94 cm. to 154 cm. We also rent helmets, snow bibs, and lockers. We do NOT rent jackets, gloves, hats, or goggles.

I have never been skiing / snowboarding before, do you have any suggestions for me?

Most importantly, dress appropriately. Temperatures can vary on the mountain quite a bit over the course of a day so you should dress in layers so you can add or remove as needed.

  • Absorbent socks (not cotton) are highly recommended. If you do not have any, wearing two pairs may be somewhat warmer, but can cause your feet to hurt if they bunch up in your boots.
  • Insulated gloves or mittens should always be worn, even on warmer days. Do not wear knit gloves as they will get wet very quickly.
  • A warm hat that covers your ears will keep you much more comfortable during your time on the mountain.
  • A water-resistant jacket with a high collar.
  • Water-resistant ski pants or snow bibs are the best choices for your lower body. If you wear jeans, you need to have a water-resistant shell over them. Denim tends to get wet and stay wet. Also, the legs of your jeans need to be wide enough to fit over the top of very wide boots. Trying to stuff your jeans into a ski boot can lead to a very uncomfortable day. For your convenience, snow bibs are available for rent through our rental shop.
  • Eyewear is very important. Wind and bright sun reflecting off of snow can temporarily blind you to hazards on the slopes. Large rimmed sunglasses are good for sunny day use, goggles are highly recommended for days where it is snowing, raining or very cold and also for nighttime use.

TAKE A LESSON! Nothing takes the fun out of a new activity more than frustration. Taking a beginner ski or snowboard lesson teaches you all of the basic skills you need to hit the slopes and only takes about an hour. A lot of people who try skiing for the first time without a lesson never try it again because they “can’t ski”. Those who take a lesson come back again and again.

Take a rest. Skiing and snowboarding use your muscles in far different ways than walking or bicycling. You can be in great shape and still get fatigued quickly. Take regular breaks throughout the day and make sure you stay hydrated. Also, get a good night’s sleep afterward, your body will need it.

How are the road conditions?

Click the following link to check the North Carolina Department of Transportation website for updated road conditions – Once on the Asheville Vicinity Region page, click on the “Adverse Weather” tab and look for Madison County. NCDOT

How do you make snow?

We have machines called Snow Guns at numerous locations around the slopes. These machines have hundreds of nozzles around a very large fan. The nozzles spray water into the air in a fine mist and the fan blows the mist through the air. If the temperature and humidity are low enough, the mist will freeze before it falls to the ground, much like natural snow.

What will the rates be when I come to visit?

Be sure to check out our Rates page for the day(s) you plan to visit. Rates vary based upon the day of the week (Friday through Sunday weekend rates versus weekday rates) and whether holiday rates are in effect. We also run specials through the week and, sometimes, an extra special or two.

How much snow will you have when I visit?

As with any outdoor activity, we rely upon Mother Nature heavily. Thankfully, we are able to give her a hand as long as the temperature is where we need it to be. If we don’t receive enough natural snow, we can make our own (see above for information on snowmaking). However, we can never truly predict what our snow base will be days or weeks in advance. It is always best to check the Snow Report page which is updated daily for the latest information.

When do you open/close for the season?

We strive for a season that opens around the first week of December and ends around mid-March. We have opened as early as Thanksgiving and closed as late as mid-April. It all depends upon how much snow and cold temperatures we have for the season.

What slopes do you have open?

Check out the Snow Report page for the latest information, it is updated daily.

Do you have onsite accommodations?

Wolf Ridge no longer offers on-site accommodations.  There are several conveniently located lodging choices for guests to choose from (see our Lodging page for more information on available accommodations).

Do you have to buy a lift ticket for the bunny slope?

Area Passes (Lift Tickets) are required to access any of the slope areas.

Where do I pay for my rentals?

You pay for your Area Passes (Lift Tickets) and all rentals at the Ticket Booth. In addition to ski and snowboard equipment, you can rent bibs, helmets, and lockers (you will receive a voucher which is redeemed in the Rental Shop).

What are your hours?

Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 10pm and Sunday 9am – 4:30pm.
Open Sunday nights during select Holidays.
Slopes are closed between 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM each evening.
Christmas Eve hours are 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Closed Christmas Day

Where is the tube run located?

The Tube Run is outside the main resort on Puncheon Fork Road.

What are your covid policies?