From the South:
I-85 North to Greenville, SC. Highway 25 North to I-26 West. I-26 will turn into I-240 East in Asheville. From I-240 East take 19/23 North, which will turn back into I-26 West. Follow to Exit 3.

From the West:
I-40 East to Asheville, I-240 East to Highway 19/23N (I-26 West) to Exit 3.

From the North:
I-26 East to Exit 3.

From the East:
I-40 West to I-240 West, to Highway 19/23 North (-26 West) to Exit 3.

Please Note:
Several customers have reported issues with using GPS navigation systems to travel to the resort. There are also some online mapping services that will lead you down obscure back roads instead of keeping you on the main roads. We recommend you use the Google Maps link from our website.  There have been reports of utilizing other Google services which are not mapping correctly.
**We are located off Exit 3 of I-26 (which does notate Wolf Laurel on the sign).**